hand made jewlery

. Roch’s first product was handmade jewelry, which was initially produced only in Baluchi designs, and over time, the combination of designs and art of the noble people of Iran was used in it.
Currently, the special designs of this group have been offered in Iran and the rest of the World and have been welcomed by the public. Determining the size, dimensions, color and even integration of designs with each other are among the features of roche Diagnostic’s orders, which has become possible due to the professional training of needlemen.
These designs are made by the customers and consulted by the group managers . after sewing, they are reviewed by the roche group supervision team, and finally, after approval, they are ready to be used.
After production, the products are sent to washes to guarantee the color and the quality of the product and reduce the volume, and finally, the work is done by the special team of this group. Customers can contact the roche Group’s Accountability team at all stages of the work.
And choose the smallest details, including straps and locks, to your taste and style. Replacement of adhesives, magnetic locks or the use of cotton straps is chosen by the customers.
“Jewelry embroidery, in addition to prolonging its life, doubles its beauty.”

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