The art of needlework,was nee by The minds of Baloch women ,it has been inspired by nature life, Special designs and colors on rough and soulless fabrics and cloth
However, this art does not have a specific history , But evidence suggests that the art was created more than 100 years before the rise of Islam in Sistan and Baluchestan and expanded with a combination of art and creativity.

Today, this art is known all over the world , has been approved by UNESCO and is registered in the list of Iran’s spiritual heritage.
Over the years, this art has maintained its originality and grace, and its combination with modern art has created a brand new craft called : modern needlework
Baloch embroidery is done in two ways: free handing and printing. Sometimes designs are embossed on tarpaulin fabric with counting and calculation of the wraps and the woofs and sometimes patterns are stamped on the fabric and baluch weman recraet the design accordingly. Roche Diagnostics created many of its special and unique designs using these symbols, shirts and scarves are among these works.

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